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Posted 07/01/2017

What happen to the store?

What happen to the store?

If you've been visiting this site for longer than 6 months then you know we had a popular store that sold Dominican hair products. And even though the store has been closed for over 6 months now, I still get emails and messages from long-time customers asking what happened to the stores. I opened the Round Brush Hair store (which was then re-branded as Dominican Hair Care) back in 2004 when Dominica hair salons and products really picked up outside of New York. It was such a blast for me importing the products I fell in love with after studying abroad and living in Santo Domingo. 

However, fast forward 13 years and a lot of the popular Dominican products we once sold  are now available in local beauty supply stores and various online stores. It's for that reason I decided to close the store and use the site to better focus on all of Dominican hair care which includes products, salons and stylists. 

As you're probably well aware, there are tons of places you can buy Dominican hair products, but I support the Dominican hair products sold on Amazon because they have a good selection (not everything we sold, but a lot of them) and the most popular products are now fulfilled by Amazon, so the shipping is super fast and free for Prime members!  And to make it really easy for you, we've placed related Dominican hair products sold on Amazon directly on our site pages so you can still come here and get to the products.

I still have access to the products that can't be found on Amazon, so if there's ever a specific product you're looking for, just shoot me a message and I'll try my best to either find it online or ship it to you myself since I'm still in contact with all of the suppliers.  

Dominican Hair Care's goal now is to make sure it's updated with the latest Dominican salon information and write about related topics - this includes product reviews, salon tips, hair care tips and more. So I hope you'll check back often and use the site to stay in touch with your favorite Dominican salons!

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