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Posted 11/05/2017

Review: Violet's Dominican Salon, Laurel MD

Review: Violet's Dominican Salon, Laurel MD

I love the location of this salon, it's in a large shopping center with lots of parking and right off of the Baltimore-Washington parkway exit 198 towards Laurel. And if I'm being honest, I'm probably partial to this location because I helped pick it out 6-7 years ago when Arelis Natera of Arelis Dominican Salon was looking to move her salon from Beltsville to Laurel. Fast forward to today, and Arelis decided to spend more time with family and downsize, so she sold the salon a few months ago and it's now Violet's Dominican Salon with a completely new staff and feel.

I wanted to wait a while for the new owner to get comfortable so she could work out any kinks and make it her own before I went for my first official visit. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that the reception desk was no longer the first thing you saw in the middle of the floor, it was now off to the left. The space is HUGE, I remember asking Arelis what she would do with so much space, but with the reception desk off to the side, it looks even larger! The new owner added a few jumbo pictures to the far right wall, but other than those two changes, everything else looked the same.

I went on a rainy Sunday afternoon, hoping the salon wouldn't be busy so I could get in and out. After signing in, I recognized one of the stylist (Carmen) so I knew I'd be in good hands and didn't have to worry about whether I would like my hair or not. All and all, it was a good visit but here are my pros and cons:


Location - lots of parking and right next to a grocery store so I was able to walk a few steps away and knock out two birds with one stone. 

Atmosphere - there wasn't a lot of chatter among the stylists which was nice because they were all focusing on getting the customers in and out. The salon was very clean and there was nice music playing from an installed surround sound system. 

Stylist - Carmen is wonderful, she used to work for me when I had my salon so I knew my edges would be straight, she wouldn't burn me and my hair would be bouncy. 


Staffing - I went on a rainy Sunday, so I'm sure they weren't expecting a lot of customers, but for the size of the salon (massive) I expected more than just 2 stylists and 1 shampoo lady. This made for a longer than expected wait time and the stylists had to stop styling to help shampoo hair. This isn't a huge deal, but it did slow down the natural flow of things so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it. 

Price - It's a big salon, so I know that comes with big expenses, but I was a bit shocked when I was charged $5 because I brought my own deep conditioner. I actually thought I was saving money by bringing my own treatment when I actually ended up paying more (the conditioner was $30 and then $5 to use it!). Also, there was no mention of this fee to me by the shampoo lady nor was anything written on the large wall price list.

Tipping -  I know it's common for salons not to allow tipping on the credit card, but the receipt actually had a line item for it and I added my tip to the total before signing. It wasn't until I asked the owner if I could split my tip between the shampoo lady and stylist that she mentioned they don't allow tips on the credit card. Well, when did she plan on telling me this if I hadn't asked? And if I didn't say anything would my card have been charged the amount of the tip and just not gone to the stylist and shampoo lady??? 

So, while I love my girl Carmen and my hair came out fantastic, I unfortunately would NOT go back to this salon because of the combination of charging me extra for bringing my own deep conditioner and the lack of transparency on how tipping worked.  Work out those two things, and I'd be more than happy to revisit. 

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