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Posted 11/06/2017

Review: Melissa's Dominican Salon, Laurel MD

Review: Melissa's Dominican Salon, Laurel MD

Have you ever been to a salon and thought to yourself "I'm not going to tell anyone about this salon so it doesn't get popular"? Sadly, I was guilty of having this thought as I got my hair done at Melissa's Dominican hair salon. :) 

This salon reminded me of times when I would get my hair done in the Dominican Republic...no frills just a small salon focused on you and your hair. Melissa's Dominican salon is tucked away, out of plain sight inside Laurel's Salon Plaza in the shopping center with the LA Fitness and Marshall's Home Goods (two of my favorite spots when I'm in Laurel).  

Here are my pros/cons with this salon:


Stylist - Melissa is a true professional and takes pride in her work. 

Quality Products - I brought my own deep conditioner, because a lot of salons will use crappy conditioners to save money and I'm EXTREMELY picky with my hair products! However, to my surprise Melissa's salon was overflowing with quality products. She doesn't cut corners with cheap conditioners/treatments, AND she offers a free deep conditioner with your first visit. So this was a win/win situation for me. I got to save my own conditioner and still have my hair pampered with a quality treatment. 

Generous w/Products - Another reason I bring my own conditioner/treatment is because I have medium length hair and like to saturate my hair with a lot of product, and I've experienced some salons using the least amount of product as possible. Melissa used a TON of conditioner on my hair and combed through my hair with a wide tooth shampoo comb all the way to the ends of my hair...I really appreciated this attention and detail.   

Bent the Rules Slightly - I had a hard time finding the salon at first and when I finally called the salon it was 6:32pm (2 minutes after she took her last customer). I told her I was having a hard time finding the salon but was standing outside, she happily sent her daughter to open the door. Some salons are very strict with the cut off time. 

Refreshments - I was offered bottled water once I was settled under the super dryer with my rollers.

Price - $25 Monday - Thursday; $35 Friday - Sunday (closed on Tuesday). I thought the price was perfect for the location. 

Gift -  I thought it was so cute when I received a personalized pen with Melissa's phone number and address on it attached to one of her business cards! How adorable!! I have no idea if this is given to everyone or just on the first visit, either way I thought it was a nice touch. 


Location - This honestly isn't a complete con (I liked the location), but I have it as a con because it wasn't easy to find on my first visit and I went on a holiday so the salon plaza was actually locked and had to call the salon in order for someone to open the front door. 

Style - I loved Melissa and she did a good job, but my hair was very poofy the following day. This may have been because of the weather, so I'll make sure to update this review when I visit again (I'll definitely go back, if for nothing else to give the style another try so I can update this review).

Size - Luckily I went when there was 1 other client, but I couldn't imagine being in there with 4 or more customers (which shouldn't be unlikely). It's the perfect size for 1 stylist and her assistant, but because Dominican salons are a big walk-in type of business, I can see this becoming an issue on popular days. 

I would most definitely go back (and I will hopefully put the finishing style under the list of pros when I do). However, I would have to be extremely strategic on when I would visit this salon. I would only go during off peak weekday hours to ensure I'm not there when it's crowded. If you're new to Dominican hair salons, I would especially recommend you go here! If you're a frequent Dominican salon goer, I would recommend this place to you too...you'll love the products and you'll appreciate the no frills and attention to detail. 

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