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Posted 04/22/2016

Dominican Blowouts = Smokey Smelling Hair?

Dominican Blowouts = Smokey Smelling Hair?

True story: woman tells me she's getting married tomorrow but she needs to get her hair at a Dominican hair salon today because a friend told her she'd need at least 1 day in between the salon visit so her hair won't smell like smoke from the blowdryer on her big day.

Besides the fact I was shocked this woman would trust her wedding hair-do to a technique she's never tried before and with a stylist she has no experience with, it was a subtle reminder of how bad stereotypes of Dominican hair stylists get bulked together. I've been to many, many, many Dominican hair salons and I've only had 2 experiences of my hair smelling like smoke after...and both occasions were with the same stylist. After she did my hair the first time, I thought maybe her blowdryer was clogged with hair and it just needed to be cleaned, but I went again months later and the same foul burnt stench was there. Needless to say, this stylist never did my hair again. For as much as I loved the way my hair looked (I'm talking bone, bone straight), I couldn't stomach the smokey smell that followed me around all week.

Maybe the smell of smoke isn't a bad price to pay for some to have straight hair for 2 weeks? Maybe her clients are just used to the smell? I have no clue. But what I do know, is that not every Dominican stylist will leave your hair smelling like you barely escaped a house fire. So if you want to know if your hair will smell like smoke after going to a Dominican hair salon, my answer is simple: it doesn't have to.

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