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Posted 11/03/2017

Bring Your Own Deep Conditioner Fee?

Bring Your Own Deep Conditioner Fee?

I recently tried a new Dominican hair salon and was charged a $5 fee for bringing my own deep conditioner. I've heard 1 or 2 stories of this before, but maybe it took it happening to me to realize how bothered I was by this fee. 

I honestly would have been more understanding if they didn't allow outside products and just told me I have to use their deep conditioner/treatment, but to charge me extra for using my own seems a bit excessive. Am I over-reacting? Is this like a new thing where salons are charging you to use your own deep conditioner? If I bring my own goteros (vitamin drops) are they going to start charging me $5 to massage it into my scalp? 

One of the many reasons why I love Dominican hair salons is because Dominicans (typically) don't see getting your hair done as a luxury, but a necessity and for that reason, they keep the prices affordable. I'm in no way knocking a salon's desire to make money (I owned a Dominican salon for 5 years), but at a minimum, this fee needs to be posted and communicated to customers before they reach the register.  

So, whether you're a woman who's budget-conscious or just particular about the deep conditioner/treatment used on your hair...make sure you confirm with the salon that they don't charge a fee for you bringing your own. 

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