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Posted 06/18/2017

Blowout with Rollers or No Rollers?

Blowout with Rollers or No Rollers?

I'm guilty of using the term "wash & set" interchangeably with "blowout" a lot. It's so much easier to say "blowout"! But for the past few weeks I've been making a conscious effort to properly distinguish between the two services. It may not seem like a big deal, but what I've noticed is that women who are new to Dominican salons find themselves calling the salon asking for prices of a "blowout" when they really want a price for a "wash & set".  Or worse, women are going into a Dominican salon getting a blowout with no rollers when they should be getting rollers. 

Yes, a wash & set ultimately gets blown out, but there's a big difference between that and a blowout with no rollers, and there's even a significant price difference. So what's the difference and when do you get rollers or no rollers? The simple answer is relaxed and loose curl pattern hair should get rollers, and thick kinky hair should get blowouts without rollers. But it's more complex than that, and if you're natural it may mean getting your hair wet and letting the salon tell you whether or not you can get rollers.

A blowout with rollers consists of choosing your style (straight or curly) and then getting the appropriate size rollers put in your hair. After you've been rolled, you're sat under the dryer until your hair is completely dry before getting it styled with the blow dryer. 

A blowout with no rollers consists of blow drying the hair immediately after it's been washed and then flat ironed curly or straight (depending on your hair type and the salon, the flat iron may or may not be optional).

In general if your hair can get on a roller, I always recommend the wash & set because it's less direct heat on your hair. However, if you're pressed for time and you need to get in and out of the salon, you may want to go the no roller route. 

There's a huge difference between the two, and there's even a significant price difference between them. Blowouts are typically reserved for really thick natural hair and are more expensive, and wash & sets are for everyone else. Now there are times when you're pressed for time, and someone will opt for a blowout instead of the wash & set, but in general...if you hair can fit on a roller, you should get the wash & set. 

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