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Crece Pelo Conditioner 56oz

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    Crece Pelo Conditioner/Treatment is the first phito therapeutic treatment that consists of the use of natural plants, for the capillary growth. Its innovative formula contributes 100% active natural extracts necessary for the good state of the hair. This treatment adds the nutrients necessary to return health, beauty, vitality, softness and flexibility to the hair, helping it to grow.

    After shampooing on clean hair. Massage for 15 minutes before washing out with plenty of water.


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    1. great!

      Great! on 2nd Mar 2015

    2. Phenomenal

      Finally decided to say no to chemical relaxers. My daughter gave me shampoo and conditioner for Christmas. BEST Christmas present ever! After only one use of the shampoo and conditioner the difference in texture was undeniably noticeable. GREAT product! on 28th Dec 2013

    3. posted by shorbine 06/2013

      I looooooooove love crece pelo it grew my hair so much its amazing.its soft lots of shine my hair always feel like silk after using.all natural girls should try this product... on 26th Jun 2013

    4. Fantastic Deep Conditioner

      I absolutely LOVE this Deep Conditioner. The scent alone is AMAZING. This conditioner glides on the hair so nicely and just a very little goes a long way. It is Super Concentrated and penetrates the hair shaft very nicely. It is wonderful to use with heat or a platic/shower cap for even better penetration. It is a wonderful detangler, and it makes and excellent pre poo conditioner as well as an excellent deep conditioner after cleansing. It gave my hair lots a body, shine,and great slip. I will never be without this conditioner as it is most definitely a STAPLE product for sure I love it and I definitely love and admire the integrity of this company. The prices are very reasonable, this is the first product that I've tried which is Phenomenal, and the Customer Service is OUTSTANDING. I can't wait to try another product that I purchased along with this one, as well as many others. I'm definitely a satisfied customer. :) on 4th Apr 2013

    5. Great product

      It's smells great I just started using it but my hair is ultra soft light an feels great very silky on 4th Dec 2011

    6. Addict

      I'm sry but the scent alone is heavenly. It smells like babies. I will purchase a large jar and give samples to my girl friends. The nutritional benefits for your hair is outstanding. Crepe, 12in1, keratina fix and whale sperm along with coconut oil will have your hair growing like a wild fire.

      Oh yea although sry to say roundbrush is alot more expensive than other sites. Round brush has the best shipping and I have found products that others dnt have soooooooooo. Roundbrush is stuck with me. Thank you!!!!!!
      on 23rd Oct 2011

    7. I LOVE IT!

      I bought this product at a Dominican salon in Maryland. It is amazing. I use it on days where I dont want to wash my hair completely but want to still condition it. It smells great and my hair has been really healthy and has grown since using the product. on 5th Aug 2011

    8. A DEFINITE keeper!

      I thought I was in love w/the Silicon Mix, but I'm sorry, Crece Pelo Has it beat. This product really helped on my 6 months stretch. I wasn't EVEN thinking about getting a relaxer! The only thing that I would recommend tweaking is the scent. Its nice, but when your d/c your hair anywhere from 10-30 mins it can become overwhelming. It leaves my hair feeling so soft & manageable. on 5th Aug 2011