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Crece Pelo Conditioner 16oz

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    Crece Pelo Conditioner/Treatment is the first phito therapeutic treatment that consists of the use of natural plants, for the capillary growth. Its innovative formula contributes 100% active natural extracts necessary for the good state of the hair. This treatment adds the nutrients necessary to return health, beauty, vitality, softness and flexibility to the hair, helping it to grow.

    After shampooing on clean hair. Massage for 15 minutes before washing out with plenty of water.

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    1. natural

      I have natural coily and curly hair. I use the shampoo as well. I normally sleep with this conditioner overnight. Followed by the rinse. My hair become soft and very manageable. feels relaxed with out the perm. I recommend to anyone . I even tried it when I had a perm. Same affect. Love it and The smell on 29th Jun 2015

    2. great product

      it smells great , really soft and easy to put on , leaves your hair really soft i leave it on for like a hour although you only need to leave it one for like 15 minutes , you definitely see your hair grow after like the 3rd time of using it. on 5th Feb 2014

    3. love the product

      Smells great. I use after shampoo and sometimes I leave in over night. Rinse in morn and I also use the rinse. Hair is soft and bouncy on 1st Feb 2014

    4. the best !!

      I purchase this conditioner because my hair is dry,i have no chemicals in my hair and it was like a quench thirst for my locks my hair came to life,thank you, thank you i will buy this product again on 7th Aug 2013

    5. Average so far

      I have used this product two times so far. My long hair fell out really bad from a bad relaxer & color job. I like the texture and how my scalp feels tingly all over so I feel its doing something. When I rinse it out my hair comes out a lot in the sink but my hair is soft and shiny. I still have faith in it next wash I will use a rinse. Maybe my hair is still trying to get over the trauma it went through? on 21st May 2013

    6. Pleasant

      I enjoy enjoy the floral scent and the way it leaves my hair feeling. I anticipate better results for the section of my hair that is really coarse since I incurred a head injury in 2000. on 27th Apr 2013


      I am very happy with my recent purchase of Crece Pelo. As a deep conditioner, it definitely provides excellent results. After rinsing my hair, my hair was uber soft and very moisturized.

      on 24th Apr 2013

    8. Awesome product!!!!!!

      Last year I did a "big chop" in June, and ever since I had been battling extremely dry hair. I have tried so many products and conditioning treatments and have seen some good results from a few products, but none compare to this conditioner! I absolutely love how it has started to make my hair look and feel better. The dryness is starting to diminish week after week when I do a deep conditioning. I will definitely continue to purchase this product! I know my fiancé will be glad that I can narrow down the number of conditioner bottles in our bathroom cabinet. on 27th Mar 2013

    9. A charm

      I've been researching Dominican hair products for a few months. My BFF raved about her experience at a salon in TX. So I started my journey and finally decided on this conditioner. I was unsure at 1st reading some of the reviews about leaving the hair dry. I didn't get the rinse but I did mix it w/ La Bomba w/ avocado. I applied both and a plastic cap and heat for 30 mins. Omg my hair was not tangled(1st)hair to the mid of back. It had great slip and was thick. My hair wasn't dry and I didn't use the rinse or shampoo. I have natural colored w/ highlights. Roundbrush was very good about shipping and packaging!!! Thank you for a positive experience.... on 7th Mar 2012

    10. So in love!

      I bought this after using the Alter Ego dc...and it works! The smell is awesome,the consisentcy is great and the results are fab! One does kind of dry out your hair,but I use Baba De Caracol rinse afterwards and its all good! I was shedding a lot before Crece Pelo but it has since stopped! I purchase the 56oz now cause my daughter is in love with it too! on 22nd Oct 2011

    11. I love the smell!!!

      When I put it on my hair I thought WOW this is going to be a great condition because that is how it feels when it's in your hair; but when you rinse it out my hair was really dry....................... on 5th Aug 2011

    12. needs a rinse after

      This is one treatment that you MUST use a rinse after to get the softness back. Using the treatment alone with the rinse might dry out your hair. Just use the rinse and it'll be silky and soft! on 5th Aug 2011

    13. I have seen a difference.

      When I first used this product it was just all right. This time I decided to mix it with Wheat germ Vegetable Protein. I used two parts Crece Pelo and one part Wheat germ. I put on a plastic cap and sat under a dryer for twenty minutes. The results were fabulous. My hair was soft and very manageable. I kept running my fingers through because it was so soft and silky. In addition, it has helped my hair to grow. on 5th Aug 2011

    14. .

      I used this treatment after a relaxer corrective. My hair is very sensitive and fragile with relaxers. This treatment smoothed the hair, gave me strength back to the hair and I believe truly helped with manipulation breakage. (now as a disclaimer, I also gave myself a garlic treatment and rinsed this out right before using the crece, but I have had virtually no hair in the comb) I took the advice of another comment and used a moisturizing DC after the crece, but next time I will just use a rinse. This product smells very much like a mixture of honey, jasmine, and coconut. It has a very uniformly creamy medium thick texture; is silky to the touch, and if your hair likes protein it will truly enjoy this product. It also gets rid of frizzy hair and rinses clean. on 5th Aug 2011

    15. .

      I brought this conditioner with me to the Dominican Salon I go to and I asked her if this was a good conditioner and she said yes. I deep conditioned with it for 15 minutes and got my rollerset, my stylist did add Salerm before rolling but afterwards my hair was silky smooth. Next time I will give her the rinse to use along with the DC. on 5th Aug 2011

    16. I'm a fan for life.

      I was sad to see some of the other reviews on this product, but this conditioner is great on my relaxed hair and my daughter's natural hair. The smell is great too! After I rinse it out, my hair is soft, moisturized and tangle free. I comb the conditioner through my daughter's hair and get the same results when rinsed out. I have never needed the rinse after the conditioner. Only when I want to do a quick wash. the rinse is a great instant conditioner. This conditioner helped my hair grow and thicken! on 5th Aug 2011

    17. The smell is great!

      This conditioner is awesome. I have been neglecting my hair lately due to school, but this brought my hair back from dry and frizzy to sleek, smooth, and bouncy. on 5th Aug 2011