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Crece Pelo Combo

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    Crece Pelo Hair Products are the first phito therapeutic treatment that consists of the use of natural plants, for the capillary growth. Its innovative formula contributes 100% active natural extracts necessary for the good state of the hair. This treatment adds the nutrients necessary to return health, beauty, vitality, softness and flexibility to the hair, helping it to grow.

    This combo comes with:

    (1) Crece Pelo Shampoo 12oz

    (1) Crece Pelo Rinse Conditioner 12oz

    (1) Crece Pelo Conditioner 16oz

    (1) Crece Pelo Leave-In Conditioner 4oz

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    1. In Love!!!

      I bought the Crece Pelo combo after reading reviews on another site and it!! I could never get my hair as soft and flowing as salon stylists until now. It smells great and doesn't weigh my hair down. My hair is so soft and full. I received so many compliments. I have definitely found my new staple product. on 31st Mar 2015

    2. MY FAVORITE !!!!!

      A month ago my friend introduced me to this combo and it has done wonders for my hair!!!!! My hair broke off from over dying and it became very choppy and dry ! After my 1st use of Crece Pelo my hair has made a dramatic change!!! Super soft, smells wonderful and its so silky i cant stop running my hair through it!!! on 16th Aug 2014


      I was first introduced to this product last year. My cousin was doing my hair and using various round brush products on my hair. We noticed my hair was growing faster than normal. We realized that this product was doing it. I thought it was the drops alone, but this whole line is GREAT. I use this all the time. It is wonderful for growth!!! on 11th Feb 2014

    4. I Like It!

      I used the shampoo, conditioner and rinse. The line smells pleasant, leaves hair extremely soft and manageable. Would use again. on 17th Aug 2013

    5. My hair grew. :]

      I've used the shampoo three times and my hair grew.I notice easily because my hair is dyed light and i see dark roots. I totally notice a change on 17th Aug 2012

    6. Love it!

      I use several dominican products, but this one is awesome. It leaves my hair light and bouncy and the results last over a week. I love this product! on 17th Jun 2012

    7. Great product

      Makes my hair soft and manageable...yet strong. You must use the whole line The rinse must be used after or with the deep conditioner. on 28th Jan 2012

    8. AYAYAYA!

      This is horrible. My hair did not grow at all, it did the opposite; it fell out so much, I almost cried. I tried it for a month. The first time I used it, I assumed maybe this is normal, I just got to let my hair get use to the new products. It just couldn't stop falling out. on 16th Jan 2012

    9. I LOVE the scent!!

      I purchased the combo about a month ago; and am very pleased with the results. First of all, I LOVE the scent!! I used the products as directed; and found my hair to be very conditioned and clean. My hair was easy to comb after using the deep conditioner, which you must use after using the shampoo - it (the shampoo) can leave your hair dry. Also, I recommend using the Whale Sperm Oil as a pre-poo after I read a comment posted by another satisfied customer of RBH products :) on 6th Aug 2011

    10. .

      Wonderful products, can't go wrong with any product from this company... on 5th Aug 2011

    11. .

      I used this in my daughter's hair and the result was awesome......I would definitely recommend the WHOLE line! on 5th Aug 2011

    12. .

      I have thin hair. I go to a Dominican hair salon and they do awesome work. They use this product (Deep Conditioner) on my hair..with the results AWESOME.. people are asking me what is in my hair to make it look so shiny, and the feel of softness.. on 5th Aug 2011

    13. I love it!!!

      I absolutely love this product. Everyone comments on how wonderful my hair smells and its unbelievably soft after using all the products. Good for dry hair, I love it!!! on 5th Aug 2011

    14. I'm loving this!!!

      I purchased this product after hearing about how great dominican hair products work. Well yesterday when this arrived from Fedex I smell the conditioner and decided to wash my hair. This product smells incrediable, it has a soft powdery floral scent and leaves hair very soft within a few minutes of applying!Also,this product has no added colorants which is great! I am African American with a relaxer who has mid length thick healthy hair and I'm growing my hair out. I will write another post on hair growth on 5th Aug 2011

    15. It smells very clean afterward

      I tried this product once and i really like it , my hair is very soft and clean no residue feeling,after using the entire line I would recommend this to any one who wants to style their own hair. on 5th Aug 2011

    16. .

      I purchased this combo about three weeks ago but, did not use it because I did not have time to complete the steps according to the instructions. I used it for the first time 03/30/10 and I was completely satisfied. My hair was fresh and soft. The shampoo and conditioner smells great. Most conditioners leave my hair hard but this did not. Before I used the combo, I applied the Whale Sperm Oil for about 15 mintues. For the finishing touches I sprayed the Silicon Mix Shine Hair Polisher that I have used from day one and will order more. on 5th Aug 2011