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Dominican hair products work well for every type of hair imaginable: curly, wavy, straight and any combination of the three. The hype around Dominican hair care comes from the fact that the country is made up of a very wide spectrum of hair types.  With a population made up of 75% African descent, the hair textures range from tight curls to lose waves and bone straight tresses.

These products are formulated to work with textured hair unlike any other hair products on the market. If you’re brand new to Dominican products, you will notice the difference immediately in the feel of your hair. Whether you’re looking for products to aid in hair growth, maintain healthy ends, moisturize chemically treated hair, repair damage or add shine, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Our large selection of hair products have been broken down into categories to better help you find exactly what you need. After browsing the different categories and you’re still not sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New To Dominican Hair Products

We know how overwhelming it can be if you've heard great things about Dominican hair products buy have no idea where to start or what to use first. We take the pressure off of you and prepare "Starter Packages" that come with the popular brands for everything you need in a typical wash day. Most importantly, these packages come with a free instructional guide to explain how to use each product and in a step-by-step outline.

Starter Packages 

Shop By Hair Needs

If you’re looking for products to address specific needs, then these categories will help narrow your search for the right items. Most of the products have helpful reviews that should help you find exactly what you need. You’ll also find limited time discount codes on these product pages.


Hair Growth | Hair Loss | Dry Hair | Split Ends | Damaged | Color Treated 


Shop By Brand or Combo

If you’re no stranger to these products or familiar with a particular brand you may want to shop by name brand. Below are some of the more popular brands, but you can shop from all brands or combos.

Alter Ego | Avanti | Boe | Crom Laboratories | D’Fina | Halka  

Kismera (Kuz) | Maxima (MX) | Salerm | Star 

Shop By Product Type 


All of the products we carry fall into one of these categories. 

Ex. If you know you need a moisturizing or strengthening Dominican conditioner/treatment then select "Conditioner/Treatment" to see all of the conditioners/treatments we sell.


Pre-Shampoo Oil | Shampoo | Rinse Conditioner | Conditioner/Treatment | Leave-In | Cellophane | Ampules/Vitamin Drops | Relaxer | Serum/Polisher