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Dominican hair care is known for growing healthy, long & thick African American (Black) hair.  This successful hair care regimen can be broken down in to two very important, yet simple rules which we'll talk more about:

1. Use strengthening/conditioning/moisturizing hair products

2. Minimize direct heat by roller setting hair 


1. Use strengthening/conditioning/moisturizing hair products

It's not by chance that Dominican hair products work so well on Black hair. Dominican hair products work well for every type of hair imaginable: curly, wavy, straight or any combination of the three.

The Dominican Republic is made up of a 75% African descent population, so the hair textures range from tight curls to loose waves and bone straight hair. Because of this range of hair patterns, the products are formulated and optimized to strengthen, condition and moisturize textured hair.

If You're New To Dominican Hair Products

We know how overwhelming it can be if you've heard great things about Dominican hair products, but have no clue where to start. We take the pressure off of you with our "Starter Packages" that come with the popular brands for everything you need in a typical wash day. Most importantly, these packages come with a free instructional guide to explain how to use each product in a step-by-step outline.


Starter Packages 


If You Prefer To Shop By Hair Needs

If you’re looking for products to address specific needs, then these categories will help narrow your search for the right items. Most of the products have helpful reviews that will help you find exactly what you need. 


Hair Growth | Hair Loss | Dry Hair | Split Ends | Damaged | Color Treated 


2. Minimize direct heat by roller setting hair


The 2nd rule in Dominican hair care consist of minimizing direct heat by roller setting your hair and drying it under a hair dryer (this is considered indirect heat). This technique is healthier than blow-drying wet hair directly because you're not placing excessive heat on your hair. 

Stylists use this technique at Dominican hair salons and use the blow dryer to straighten and/or curl the hair after the rollers are taken out. This direct heat is less damaging than drying hair directly because the hair is already dry.

Many women opt to use the Dominican hair products and roller set their hair at home themselves, while others prefer to visit a professional hair salon. Our Dominican salon locator makes it easy to find a reputable salon close to you.

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